As it has been the norm for most Africans leader to rule by chest without respecting the rule of law,now Kenya’s president ,Uhuru Kenyatta, has set a good example for them.

 The ICC prosecution had considered this as a weakness in Africa of which it would propel his case to the next level despite lack of sufficient evidence.
The prosecution had thought of playing their cards smart and perfect only to receive the shocking news that Mr. Kenyatta has decided to follow the rule of law by attending theICCstatus conference after temporarily relinquishing his powers and appointing his deputy as the acting president.
If Uhuru had not attended the ICC Status conference then a warrant of arrest would have been issued against him of which the prosecution would gain but for now as far as am concerned they lost it all as in either way the case is done as demanded by the defense side. The following are the only options for the ICC:    i.            Postponing the case.  ii.            Dismissing case       iii.            Referring it to assembly of state parties.
Either way you look at it, the prosecution seems to be completely beaten.

By David K. Muicho


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Onyi Sirikal said...

You are writing like a Jubilee mole. Who told the prosecutor is an armature. She certainly has got many more more hidden cards. mtashangaa.