Nairobi, Kenya's Capital City
When you study the top 10 most successful companies in Kenya, the dynamics and uniqueness of Kenya as an investment destinations come out very clearly. Kenya has been ranked as the 10th among the largest and the fastest growing economies in Africa with a GDP estimated to be more than US$ 44.5 billion according to the world bank figures. The Kenya's GDP is expected to grow with more than 5.2% by the end of 2014. Following are the top 10 most Successfull companies in Kenya

Top 10 most successful companies in Kenya

1. Safaricom Ltd
Safaricom Headquarters
With over 20 Million subscribers and an estimated market share of over 70% the company is arguably the most successful in this region. It has the widest modern mobile network coverage in Kenya and prides in its experienced shareholders who include Vodafone Plc and the Government of Kenya. Safaricom is considered the most successful company in Kenya because is has, within less than a decade, been able to revolutionize the communications industry in Kenya by introducing attractive tariffs, a nationwide network of effective dealers, high caliber staff and management.

safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore
Safaricom's first CEO, Michael Joseph will go down in kenyan history as one ofthe moist successsful managers in the kenyan corporate world.  The current Safaricom CEO is Bob Collymore who settled down quickly after Joseph's retirement and is steering the East Africa's biggest business to more success each day

Safaricom's most innovative products include M-PESA and MSHWARI . MPESA mobile money transfer service has over 18 million subscribers and it is supported by a nationwide agent network of over 80, 000 outlets. This is the world's most developed and the biggest mobile payment system. M-Shwari is a mobile banking product for M-PESA customers that allows them to save and borrow money through their mobile phones while still earning interest on the money saved.

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