Why do MOST women lie about their age?

Don't spank me as yet, of course, not all of them lie.
I heard one guy say that 99% (and this is unverified) of the ladies he has met in the last 5years, lied about their age. To me this was a very interesting observation.
To keep the talk going on, I quipped that even men are nowadays lying about their age. Many people lie about their ages but there are outstanding differences between men and women on the lies that they tell.

How comes my classmates are 5 years younger?
At the university of Nairobi, I did Communications, a degree course that had more female than male students.I had gone through school at the right age, meaning, most of my classmates were my age-mates with a difference of plus or minus a few months. Things seem to have changed after graduating and my female classmates are growing younger by the day. In their social media accounts, most of them are now between 19-22years. this is despite the fact that we all joined college at between 19-20, studied for 4 solid years, and mind you, we cleared in the year, only or lord knows.

Women start by subtracting from their age, then they divide it; my friends are now trying to get their square roots.

We will continue later as I tell you my age which most of my readers are interested in knowing.


Cate wanjao said...

I Not so true! I am a woman and I am proud of my age. I am 41 year young.

Elijah Ndolo said...

Most women fear competition from the young and more beautiful girls. It's an open secret.