The minister for education, Prof. J.T. Kaimenyi should here this!
When I was in school, my mother always told me this: “Peter, read very hard, pass very well, then go to university and do a very good course; finally, get a very good job and ensure the job is permanent and pensionable.”

I had to defy her at some point when I woke up to the realization that I had to follow my dreams.
The biggest problem we have is the concept of, “good careers.”
Get me right!

There are no good or bad careers; there are only good or bad people in certain careers. Careers are neutral: they have no capacity to be either good or bad. Law is not better than medicine or journalism; but, a certain guy can be better in journalism than he is in, let’s say, tailoring. As for me, for example, I am better in writing than hairdressing.

Parents and the society in general, if you love your children and you really desire that they succeed, do this: let them follow their talents and inborn desires; let them do what they are best at!
Sciences are not more important than arts, ‘IT’ is not more important than languages or Law. All courses are important as they to the wholeness and functioning of a society. (Digital Government, please take note- Swahili is as important a s physics)

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Hassan Musa said...

Certainly! Most people spend their entire lives doing jobs that they don't like.