Can Kenyans speak good English?
The answer to this question is probably a big NO, but wait a minute and let us give ourselves the benefit of doubt. I know you have all gone to school and i am not going to lecture you on how to speak properly and communicate effectively. My advice is only this: Chose your words carefully.  
How to use the right words?

I studied language and I am a stickler who gets terribly annoyed every time I hear someone either misusing or even using broken language intentionally.
In Kenya, and Nairobi in particular, most people are fond of using broken English and misusing words. Use of social media and sms services is even making matters worse. You will always hear a Nairobi girl say something like this; “Me I just graduated from K.U.”  Now “Me” should never precede “I’ in any English sentence.
Now let’s look at some outstanding misrepresentation of words in Kenyan “slang”
Who is a socialite?
If u visit Kenyan blogs and social media pages, you will be made to think that a socialite is this: a lady whose burst is bigger than average, whose behind looks as if it has been photo-shopped and who posses for photos while 99% undressed.
Now this is the real dictionary meaning of the word: A person [more often a woman] of social prominence, considered to be an influential figure; also, a person who goes to fashionable parties and is often written about in the newspapers. As you can see, there is no mention of having admirable goods or being under-dressed.
Who is a hustler?
In our Kenyan “lingua franca,” a hustler is assumed to be a guy who is doing his best to make ends meet. You will often hear a girl describing her boyfriend (or worse off- her father) as a hustler.
The real dictionary meaning of a hustler is: One who pretends to be an amateur at a game in order to win bets. It can also mean a pimp, a prostitute or a male prostitute who sells his services to men.
So next time, my dear, do not shame your English teacher by saying, “Me I am a socialite and cannot date a hustler”

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Anonymous said...

I agree...It's kinda we have made our own slang.