RAILA VS RAIA (hilarious felony)

                           ‘RAIA’ whips RAILA

Victor Ochieng'- 'a pen in God's hand'
      The Monday of 29th September, 2014 was another one; the luminary of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) – Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga (former Kenyan premier), was publicly whipped at Kinango Market, in Kwale County.
The perpetrator of this hilarious felony, if not a misdemeanor- raia (ordinary citizen),Lengo Mudzomba was arraigned in a court of law on Tuesday afternoon; charged with a case of assaulting the CORD


 principal,   and the governor of Kwale (Hon. Salim Mvurya). The two political bigwigs, that became victims of severe lashes, ordered for the immediate release of their persecutor.

       This incident transpired when the heavy-weights and towering figures in the vibrant CORD political umbrella, had visited the Coastal region to woo and drum for gallant support towards their famous Okoa Kenya (save Kenya) and Pesa Mashinani (money to the grassroots) campaigns. CORD die-hard cronies have been criss-crossing the country, helter-skelter, loudly blaring the trumpet of the controversial referendum; which has elicited a maelstrom of mixed reactions from both the two political divides i.e. JUBILLE and CORD coalitions. This spirited move is spear-headed by Raila, aka 'Baba' (father), Tinga (Tractor, in Luo). This vibrant firebrand's name will remain deep-seated in the Kenyan annals of history because of his radical political ideologies, philosophies, theories, and fearless fight for democracy. This indomitable and indefatigable spirit was bequeathed to him by his father, Jaramogi Odinga Oginga- the Luo chieftain. It's the daring stand and stance of men like Jaramogi Odinga, Gitobu Imanyara, Koigi wa Wamwere, et cetera et cetera; that delivered and salvaged Kenya from the authoritarian and totalitarian Moi's gravy train. It was during the Moi's era of errors, that Kenya became a de jure- one party state. So, the aforementioned notable political figures, among others, fiercely fought for a de facto- two party state (multi-partism).
         Arguably, CORD rallies are always full of pomp, colour and honour. And the fun of it all, music that soothes the soul and the spirit, music that drives out dignity and decorum, and music that weakens the rigidity of bones; punctuates their political gatherings. In such occasions, political demagogues and demigods shake their huge anatomies beyond skeletal limits. An atmosphere and ambience of frenzy, ecstasy and electric excitement, reign supreme. In such good moments, all flesh and blood dance and rejoice. Men and womenclad in glad rags, clap; birds that move hither and thither, chirp and chirrup; dogs in the neighbourhood yap. And even apes gibber and jabber. Great joy colonizes the vicinity. It’s always a real joy- the joy of young boys playing with toys.
        So, as the political moguls and tycoons with big tummies, were carried away by the melodious tunes and rhythms of sweet musical orchestra- that rose from a diminuendo to a crescendo in Kwale, the tormentor- Lengo Mudzomba also danced vigorously, as he surged forward to the graceful podium- brandishing his thick stick, which would later inflict pain, to afflict two flamboyant political magnets. Romourmongers and pseudo-journalists, that are prolific contributors to the Daily Gossip, purported that 'Aguambo' (which means mysterious/enigmaticin Luo), had danced with the wife of Mudzomba. Some advanced that Mudzomba couldn’t afford to spare his painful rod because he had been fed up with the endless chatter about the National Dialogue, Okoa Kenya, Pesa Mashinani, Referendum, ng’e ng’e…; which have all been preceded by his ‘Triumphal Entry’ from US. As others also speculated that the political detractor was insane- fit to be admitted atMathare Mental Hospital, for rehabilitation. But I’m yet to establish where the actual truth is; for I don’t buy cheap sugar-coated lies.
        Concisely, I want to interject a critical question, to my obsessive readers; don't you think there is something amiss as far as the details of security are concerned? The other day, I think a month has just elapsed, His Excellency- Hon. Uhuru M. Kenyatta, was heckled and jeered at Migori- Suna by a mammoth crowd of youthful shenanigans and hooligans. And the wonder of wonders, he was also pelted with old, ugly and amorphous shoes. Therefore, in my opinion, I think the security organ must be ailing, if not failing. Such men i.e. Raila, Uhuru…we term them as the high and the mighty. They ought to be accorded a tight security, or else, their lives will always be in ceaseless cesspools of catastrophes.
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