Let’s allow differences of opinion in Kenya
I naturally like discussions and I have spent a considerable part of my adult life discussing issues with friends and associates. What makes debates interesting is the fact that different people view different things differently. We do not, all, see a glass being half empty; some see it as half full when others even doubt the existences of the glass in the first place.
Now, when you read newspapers and watch television, many Kenyans are debating many issues, the hottest one being the national referendum. There is nothing wrong with us disagreeing on these issues; we are not computer-programmed-robots. Opinions are the cheapest commodity in any market and everyone is expected to have theirs. There is nothing so unusual in you holding so dearly onto your opinion. After all; it is yours, you made I, it belongs to you and therefore, you should protect it.
Shun egocentrism
Egocentrism arises when you choose to take yourself so seriously and consider yourself more personated than other persons; this is unfounded pride. It leads you to thinking that your opinions are more opinionated and that they carry more weight than those of others (Jubilee & CORD politicians please take note of this). Let me remind you here that the power, energy and validity of your opinion cease to exist where my opinion starts. I know you may disagree with this as much as you can; and you are free to do so. But again, this is my considered opinion; you see?
So, listen to others, even the dull and ignorant because at the end of it all, they too have their stories. They may not be making much sense but it won’t kill you to give them some airtime. Let everyone talk when they are alive; they will be dead for a long time and they will not be talking. After we talk, talk and talk, then let’s sit together as brothers and sisters and chart our way forward. We can even agree to disagree. We are not the first society in history to disagree.

Avoid political violence at all costs
As I said, differences of opinion should not rise the temperatures to the degree where you feel the need to get off your jacket and hit your brother. This too is foolishness (and this is my opinion-you can disagree). Violence doesn’t pay because two wrongs will never make a right. And after all, we are all Kenyans; whether you are Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya Kalenjin, Swahili, Mijikenda, Somali, Pokot, Indian… name yourself, we are all here to stay.

When I watched on TV what happened recently in Migori, Nandi and Makueni I was more surprised than I was angered. Surprised at how ignorant we are becoming when other societies are becoming more knowledgeable. I was also shocked half to death when I saw the amount of time, manpower and energy being wasted in a country that should be working extra-time in order to develop.

Think about this: We are sailing together; so, why the heck should you rock the boat? Will you not sink with the rest? Will you not have engineered your own demise? Tafakari hayo!

As far as I am concerned, we are one nation, one people. Matter of fact, ONE KENYA: - Take this one to your bank!


Anonymous said...

Peace, peace and peace. let sobriety prevail and the likes of Duale should just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Duale isn't the only politician in Kenya. tell CORD to also keep their big mouths shut.