Do you know how many Kenyans are in jail? 
We may need to check this one with the relevant authorities; but from what I have gathered so far, In 1911, there were 6,559 inmates in Kenyan prisons. You can now do your maths based on population growth and the tremendous rise in the levels of deviance( as we approach the end times-as one pastor said).
Either way you look at it, out of the 40 million people living in this corner of the planet, a good number are behind bars... Enough! This is not my point!

How many Kenyans do you think are in mental jails?
Bob Marley in his, Redemption song, had these words for us Africans, " Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds..." 

Before you wonder where we are headed, I was told a moving story yesterday. It is about a guy who is in one of the local maximum security prisons serving a sentence. Despite the the Iron gates and the perimeter fence, he is feeding his family and paying school fees for his children from the prison. he is doing this by selling his drawings and other fine art collections. Of course, there are his colleagues who are also making money selling furniture or even cigarettes (this last one isn't so nice). As to whether these businesses are legal or otherwise, you can consult your lawyer. What is irrefutable is the fact that these guys are physically jailed but mentally free

I took time to compare that story with those of many other guys who are educated and physically free; who spend their freedom at Jevanjee garden, outside Hilton hotel, at roadsides and shopping centers among other places. They stand or sit in these places all day long discussing joblessness, politics, European-football or any other "interesting" stories. They commit a crime under the natural law namely: KILLING TIME. They are mentally incarcerated.

Do you know that Mental slavery is certainly the worst form of subjugation?

This is the worst cancer that is eating into our society. It is like a big black animal, moving across our land, eating the society- eating the society... And reducing to dust the great potential of our youths.

Let's all embrace and prudently use the unlimited possibilities that exist in our country; the immeasurable God-given potential that we have, human capital, arable land, peace and good climate!

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Martha said...

Kenya and poverty are brother and siter.