Have you ever bothered to compare maps for different countries?
Some look like pumpkins, others look like donkey-heads ( forgive my bias). Take Chile; for example, it looks like a long chain of some sot; New Zealand looks like a drop in the ocean (which it really is) while Somalia looks a like a 7.

Do you know that Kenya is probably the most symmetrical country in the world map?
If you disagree with me on this, then I advise that you go for an eye checkup.
In my view, this symmetry has got something to do with the natural balances that I have seen in our country.
what I really mean is that; in this beautiful country ours, everything good appears to have another negative thing to counterbalance it. Like, for every good politician, there is a bad one; for every well-performing school, there is a poor-performing one, for every good husband, there is a bad one and on and on...

In Mathematics, (+) 1 added to (-) 1 equals a circle.
In East Africa, Kenya shines bright; no doubt. Unfortunately, our  bright light is quickly covered be dark clouds that make it dull or completely invisible.
Let's take a look at some of the areas where we lead in the zero-sum game (particularly in this region)
Best roads +( Most drunken drivers, Fake driving licenses,Corrupt traffic police officers)= Accidents
Best constitution+ greedy parliament and Hungry County assemblies = Poverty
Best Schools and universities + (bad syllabus , underpaid teachers and poorly funded research =8-4-4=0

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shiku kamau said...

i absolutely agree with you.you can imagine despite our terrible disorganization,other countries in the world are still eyeballing kenya because there is something unique about us but we are not keen and we take ourselves for granted.